Strength Training

Yesterday I started my strength training, and today I feel like I just went to the gym for the first time in years (so much be a good thing?)

I’m following the Runner’s World Iron Strength training guide, which can be found here – although I am starting out modestly.

First off, 3×15 squats (will work up to 8 reps over a week). Next is the Plank to Row… harder than it looks – 3×8 reps (yes I’m wimping out)

She’s done that before

Then it’s lunges and plyometric lunges. These things have had my quads sore all day today – again 3×15 of these (each side, so actually 30)

Harder than it looks

Finally a front plank and side planks finish off about a 25 mins workout. 3 weeks of this before my 10K.

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