Mo Men Tum

I’d like to say I have no idea why I cannot get any momentum on some of the things I really enjoy doing (or at least know I should be doing), but that would be a complete lie. I know exactly why I don’t come home from work and run, or why I don’t write, or why I cannot get more than 35 seconds of music composed, or why I cannot focus on one thing at a time at work for more than a few minutes, or why I am no longer meditating, or even complete a video game like Batman: Arkham Asylum, which I have been working on for 2 years. It’s because I am trying to do all of those those things, plus keep up with news, views, website forums, TV shows, not to mention all the time I spend reading crap online that’s meaningless drivel. 

The constant need for stimulation actually has the opposite effect to what you’d want. Ideally it’d be motivating and stimulation, but instead it leads to abject inertia. What I need to do is cut things out, not be afraid of committing time to something I’d really like to do (rather than spending that time worrying about all the things I am not doing, and then do none of them).
Why So Serious?
So, that’s the easy part… the hard part is choosing those things realistically, and actually executing. This morning I managed a lazy ass run, barely. Let’s see if I can waste the rest of the day successfully…