Today I made a minor milestone, cracking 70 miles in a single month for the first time; my previous highest had been 69 miles in January this year. In fact, I’ve already run more that half my entire 2013 mileage (including races) in the first quarter of 2014 (159 miles Vs. 267 in all of 2013) and far more than the 93 miles I managed to muster between July 2012 (when I started this blog) and the end of that year. Although I didn’t set a target for this year, I would like to get to about 850 miles. Given I have the Marathon this year, and training for that alone will hit 30 – 40 miles a week at the peak, that’s a very realistic target.

It’s all about the miles… the MILES!

The brutal truth is that mileage counts, or to be more accurate time on your feet. I’ve been pretty inconsistent about mileage, even this year January and March look good, but February was practically a month off.  I can blame my sunburn on vacation, my new job, or the weather, but the fact is if you’re not running, you’re not improving.

Lacking Consistency

I’ve been using Mapmyrun since I started running in July 2012; the graphs are from the website, which tracks your miles, pace and altitude gain/drop.

Fuel Efficient

Ever since hitting a mini-wall in my NYC Half Marathon, I’ve been thinking a little more about pre and post-run fueling. My lovely wife has been buying me various high-calorie and high-protein goodies from REI.

So far my favorite is the Cliff Shot Bloks, which come in various flavors including; cherry, orange and margarita (with added sodium!).These bad boys pack 100 calories per serving (that’s 3 chunks) with 24g of carbs (12g from sugar). I stuffed a whole pack down today prior to a 10-miler, and felt pretty good. They’re easy on the stomach (or at least mine) and give you a real buzz after about 10-15 minutes, and the effect lasting a good hour at 9:30/mile.

These are very tasty and have the kick of a mule.

Post run, I like the Cliff Shot Protein Recovery (the chocolate and mango and orange flavors are surprisingly tasty even with just water. Even better with almond milk!).

Not sure if the cheese toasties are a good idea, but I love them anyway.