Starting my NYC Marathon Training

In my last post, I took a look at my 2014 training and race performance, and today is the first official day of my 2015 training plan. As luck would have it, it’s a rest day (yay) which gives me time to take a look at the week coming up and a glance back at my first week last year.

Week 1

In my first week last year I ran 22.9 miles, although was supposed to run 30. I felt unwell right at the start of the training so missed 3 days. My average running pace during that week was 9:40, with my long run pace at 9:45. This week’s training plan has me running 33 miles (with a 9 mile long run), which is just a little further.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 11.34.37 PM
Week 1… doesn’t look that bad!

Tomorrow’s run is a regular 6 miler, and the suggested pace is 9:06 – 9:20 pace, which I think is a little fast for this stage. I’m going to cover more of the overall plan in a later blog post, but for now will just track this week and see how I start.

Happy running!

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