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OK, you know you’re doing real training when you start to take notice of your watch, run splits, intervals, fartleks (tee hee) and you actually feel beaten up after a run.

I have signed up for the New York Road Runner’s Virtual Training Program for the NYC Marathon, stating in July. I’ll post a review closer to the date, but the aim now is to ramp up from 20 miles per week to the 40+ miles per week the training plan will lay out, increasing my mileage by about 10% per week until mid-July.

This evening I did two splits at around 5k pace (just a little under) for 2x 0.5 miles with a 1 mile warmup and half mile cool down. Pretty basic stuff, but it was hard maintaining the 8 mins/mile even though a few months ago I ran a 5K at 7:36/mile pace. It’s amazing how quickly you wilt under the heat in NYC.

So, today – two splits at a little over 8mins/mile. Temperature was 75 degrees F and humid.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 8.57.28 PM

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