Congratulations, You’ve Won Second Prize in a Beauty Contest

So yesterday, having been convinced by a friend to run a fairly obscure 10K, I turned up in Bay Ridge in southern Brooklyn, and in 80+ degrees and 15 – 20 mph winds, ran The Tavern Cup 10K.


Heat aside, I haven’t been running regularly since I completed the Brooklyn Half back in mid-May so I wasn’t hugely confident. I rocked home in a mediocre-busting 57:52, which makes it my slowest 10K ever, a full 2 mins slower than my PR.

But, you know what they say about silver linings. Apparently I came second in my division  (males between 40 and 49)… no really… and, what’s more, I got a mini-trophy to prove it!

My first ever running trophy,,,
My first ever running trophy,,,
OK, I can’t brag too much… a quick glance at the sub-200 strong field, I saw there were about 7 guys in my age range. I also got handily beaten 2 guys in their 50’s and a woman in her 60’s. Even so, this has given me a huge confidence boost, because I showed up, I raced in some pretty wretched conditions, and I tried my damnedest, dammit.

Even better than my trophy was getting a pint glass at the end (instead of a medal), nice touch!

OK, I'll take a pint glass, thank you!
OK, I’ll take a pint glass, thank you!

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