13 Days to Go

This year I have run all 6 of the 5 Boro races… 4 half marathons, a 10k and a 10 mile run. Two of those were during my marathon training, but it’s th every last race (The Staten Island Half) where I showed the most improvement. After crawling over the line in just under 2 hours in March for the NYC half (I started way too quickly, and practically came to a stop in the last half mile), I missed the 2 hour mark for the Brooklyn Half my 11 seconds.

For Staten Island though, I came in almost 4 minutes under the 2 hour mark, having lost 3 minutes on mile 4 for an unscheduled pitstop. This was my first chance to see my training really come in to play, and at 18 seconds per mile quicker than my previous PR, it’s was a real lift. Not only that, but I completed another 9 miles after the race for a total of 22 – but THAT hurt.

13 days to do. It’s a flex day today, but I’m taking the day off.

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