The Taper

Today is the first day of my marathon taper, and the first day I have moved my blog away from the evil clutches of Google over to the (slightly) less evil Tumblr. Let’s see how that goes.

On July 13th 2012, I wrote this:

So while I am not exactly balding, over-weight or suffering from senior-skin syndrome, I do in fact feel very 40. For most of this year I have been struggling with chronic back pain caused by a herniated L5 disc, and a growing feeling of losing the moment to ever get into shape is intimately paralyzing. If I’m honest, I’ve never really loved exercise in the crazy way you’re supposed to. Never really loved the agony of pushing myself to the limit, the feeling of about to puke because I ran just one more mile, or the feeling of being sweat saturated and sun-lashed. But, I am told, that’s because I am out of shape and don’t exercise. Apparently, if I just push through for long enough, I’ll start to love it. So, I’m going to become a runner. Yes. That’ll be me jogging in the bike line, startling your dog and flicking sweat in your face feeling all smug and superior. I’ll be loving the pain and begging for more. Apparently.

And here I am two years later, less than 2 weeks away from running the NYC Marathon in 2014. It’s been a 2 year journey that is moments away from the¬†climax, when I find out whether it was all worth it. Today’s ‘long run’ wasn’t really that long, in the scheme of things (10 miles) and it’s all down hill from here until the big day.