Happy (Running) Birthday

A year ago today, I went for my first run after proclaiming rather confidently that I was going to become a runner. On that day, I ran 2.07 miles in 26 minutes and 59 seconds – effectively 13 and a half minutes per mile.

In May of this year, I ran 4 miles in 36 minutes and one second, or 9:01/mile, or a 4 and a half minute per mile improvement on my starting point. I should be pleased, and I am. However, I’d like to further improve in the next 12 months, add more to my blog, and start working towards the NYC Marathon in 2014.

My aim there is to run 9 mins miles for 26.2 miles. That would give me a time of three hours, 55 seconds, or just 5 seconds within my goal time of 4 hours. It’s doable, but since my fastest recorded race in May, my times have slowed – a 9:25, 10:09(!), 9:43 and 9:19 have been my mile pace for the last 4 races. I can partly blame the heat and humidity in NYC, something that after 8 years of living here I still haven’t quite got used to; but more honestly, the reason is I am not running nearly enough.

So, one year in; I’m happy I’m still running and happy to have shown progress. Being in your 40’s isn’t the end of the world. However, I need to get faster, stronger and fitter to meet my goals, which are:

– Marathon in sub 4 hours (November 2014)
– Half Marathon in sub 2 hours (Spring 2014)
– 10K in sub 1 hour (end of 2013)
– 5K in 25 mins (end of 2013)

Looking Strong, but end of a horrible race; pace was 10:09/mile