I run for… Boston

First race of the year, and just 7 days after the bombing at the Boston Marathon, New York City’s Race for the Park’s was a race in remembrance for the victims.

Practically everyone wore this

I had a personally disappointing race, actually falling one second short of my four mile personal best (37:50) which I set on a practice run in my neighbourhood. My issue is that I run within my comfort zone for too long before getting up to a decent race speed.

With a starting number of 10345 putting me right at the back, I spent a lot of the time negotiating runners who’s dropped to walking pace, pretty much between about half a mile and 3 miles. After that, it thinned out a little, but was still crowded. I can’t blame the pack for my slouchy pace (maybe I’ll start higher up the field next time), but it was pretty difficult to navigate.

Apart from the last quarter mile, I ran a pretty leisurely pace with no discomfort – something I need to break out of. It’s time to run in the discomfort zone.

The Beagle didn’t run…

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