South Carolina

This coming Sunday, I have my first 4 mile run, and for sure I am woefully under-prepared. After 6 days without running, I arrived in Charleston, SC for some sun, Kayaking and warm-weather running. Today I made a fist at running across the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, which connects Mount Pleasant with Charleston. It’s two and a half miles long, and rises to 186 feet (the tallest section of the bridge is 575 feet… but you can’t run up there).

I don’t know if any world class runners come from Charleston, SC, but they probably should. I saw plenty of college-age kids scooting up the incline to the top of the bridge, and running this 3 or 4 times a week would be enough to carve out a hardy athlete.

Aaanyway, I’ll be leaving sunny Charleston tomorrow, after getting myself burned kayaking in the morning sun (yes, you can burn in 2 hours, in April, in South Carolina. Who’d have thunk it).

In the meantime, I can say I ran to the top of the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge (they need to work on that name), and back again, and survived.

FInally, a huge shout out to Boston, the runner’s of the 2013 Boston marathon and the survivors and victims of yesterday’s atrocity. Keep running, don’t let the bastards get you down.