Hart beat!

Dedicated to Tony Hart, 1925 – 2009

So a few things to cover. A PR for 4 miles, and PR for 5 miles, and I got a heart rate monitor.

4 Miles

4 miles isn’t so tough
Going from 3 miles to 4 miles shouldn’t be a big deal, and at the time it wasn’t, but I did feel that run for 3 days afterwards, something that’s never happened before. I ran in 9:27, which will stand until I race of April 21st – I have a 4 mile ‘Run for the Parks’ race in Central Park.

5 Miles

Going from 4 to 5 miles int he space of a week seemed like a good idea, so I did. Some slow splits (nearing 10 min/mile at times) but managed it in 48 mins, which is also a PR by default, as I think that is the first time I have ever run 5 miles continuously.

Still hadn’t recovered from the 4 miles

I got a heart rate monitor with mapmyrun.com joining their pro program, which has been fun to use. My target heart rate for a steady run is 150bpm, and I am usually over that at the moment.