Week 7 and a Goal in Sight

Today I signed up for Run the River 5K, which isĀ in support of the Young Professionals Council. The event is on Randall’s Island just of the east side of Manhattan on October 27th. I ran this event in 2010 with a time of 28:49. Two years older and achier, that’s the time to beat. Of course, 25 mins would be really awesome, but at this point just beating a younger me would actually feel great.

Today I managed a rather feeble 2.3 miles in 23:58 (first mile was 10 mins). That compares to 21:11 two sessions ago and 21:56 last session. I seem to be going backwards. I seem to have gotten comfortable with a certain pace and regress back to it, rather than pushing harder as I get used to the speed and feeling of running. I’ll see how it goes on Wednesday.