Week 5 – A New Milestone

So I was surprised by the sudden speed increase in week 5. Slowly the running is taking up more of the  30 mins, but breaking the 10/min mile seemed like a pretty big achievement, which I did today for the first time.

For week 5, couch to 5k has a run of 8 mins, walk 2 mins, run 10 mins walk 2 and end. The feeling of instant exhaustion right at the start of the run has finally subsided and I am not getting to the point of actually feeling stronger near the end of the second run than I do when starting. I am also gradually increasing pace rather than decreasing pace as the run goes on, which is a good spot to be.

So over 2 miles for the last 3 runs, I have averaged 10:18 min/mile, 10:12 min/mile and 10:09 min/mile. Still super slow, but literally from couch, past ouch to ‘not bad mate’.

Not bad mate.