Week 3

Week 3 ups the ante very slightly from week 2. After a warm up it’s:

– Run for 2 mins
– Walk for 2 mins
– Run for 3 mins
– Walk for 2 mins


Again it looks pretty steady, and indeed is, but the idea is that when in the running phases, you run at the speed you’d want to maintain over an entire 5k. Given I’ve set my sights on a sub-25 minute run the first time I do a race at the end of summer, I feel like I am way off my pace. Perhaps it was a glass of wine too many the previous night, or too much coffee and orange juice bouncing around in my belly, but I started with a disastrous 12:15 mile. This includes the walking time, so it’s hard to know what the running pace is at this point, but I am guessing around 9/min mile which would be about a 28 minute 5k. I did have some trouble with the workout seeming to skip at the start and standing still for about 30 seconds, but even so this was a crawl.

In the end I did 2.26 miles in 27 and a half minutes, but on Tuesday I will want to up the pace somewhat. But I need to make sure there is no alcohol the night before runs, and I am drinking plenty of water instead.

Distance: 2.26 miles
Time: 27:34
Temperature: 76/24