Couch to 5K (1.1)

So today was the day, and push me over with a 5 star app rating if I didn’t actually do it. I decided to use Couch to 5k to get started, and managed 2.07 miles on my first run in probably about 2 years.

Obviously there was some procrastinating. Surely I wouldn’t be able to find my running shoes… unfortunately my far-too-organized wife had plopped them in our new ‘activity’ closet and they were easy to find. So slipping on my unfeasibly short shorts for probably only the second time ever, and a old Nike synthetic running top, I was off!

Couch to 5k starts you off with a 30 minute workout that involves 5 mins warm up (that’s a stroll to the nearest quiet street), then a mix of jogging for 45 seconds, walking for 90 seconds, jogging for 45 seconds again and then walking for 60 seconds. This is repeated 5 times, and I’ll be doing this three times this week. After that, there are 7 more weeks of slowly more intensive runs, getting you in gear to run 5k non-stop at a pace you’ll be happy with.

Yay – 1.1 completed

Lesson 1.1 at first felt easy, so the second jog or so I got cocky and ran pretty fast. After the 3rd repeat I was no longer getting my wind back during the walks and so eased off the pace during the run. When the announcement told me 1 minute left, I was quite glad but felt pretty good. Astonishingly, apps do actually make even running almost fun. Next run is Monday July 16th.

Distance: 2.07 miles
Time 26:59
Temperature 79f/26c, dry

Unless you tracked it on an app, it never happened!

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